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28 OCTOBER 2020:

The Fire Performer

B-006. The Fire Performer - by Greig Clifford
Copr. Copyright © 2020 GREIG CLIFFORD.

This is one of my favourite images to have made. I love the performer's poise and their look of wonder and fascination with the fire between their hands held aloft. I love how it reflects in their eyes to turn their pupils white. I love the effect of the light from the fire, how it creates a theatrical spotlight circle on the grass ground, and just catches the bunting behind too... It gives a sense of the circus, the timeless tradition of the show, matched by the performer's shiny sequined clothing.

I like that you can see their 'tools of the trade' sitting in the background... cans of petrol, hoops, sticks, etc... they give a little hint to what is involved beyond the 'show' almost like a behind the scenes element one wouldn't see in the Big Top.

I also like how the lens (or rather a filter on the front of it) has refracted the firelight around the legs to create a mysterious aura floating like a cloud.

This was such a hard scene to expose properly for (especially as my camera is rather old) I felt a real sense of achievement creating it.

If this image is the first of mine you have seen, or you are relatively new to my work, please know I'm always keen to make new contacts and push my photography to wider horizons. If you like what you see, say hello!

If you are able to help bring my photography to a larger audience, then lets talk! I'd be glad to hear from you!

Finally, prints of this image are available, starting at affordable prices to encourage new collectors. Signed archival quality prints are strictly limited in number. Your support is very much appreciated.

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