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01 OCTOBER 2020:

Even the windows look like art

A-100. Even the windows look like art - by Greig Clifford
Copr. Copyright © 2020 GREIG CLIFFORD.

Photographed at Tate St Ives during a visit last month to see the fantastic Naum Gabo exhibition.

I love how Naum Gabo's constructions define their own spacial boundaries and play with lines and textures compositionally within that space... very inspiring for a mind that likes to see elements of order and structure in art.

It seems I came away from the exhibition with my eyes even more open to seeing things in a similarly structured way and I noticed this window looking out onto the beach.

I waited for a minute or two as several people had a look outside. Initially, I wanted a clean shot of the frame but when my son had a look too I pressed the shutter button. The light seemed just right and it was almost like he was having a closer look at a painting, just like one would elsewhere in the gallery. I'm glad I didn't wait. Without him there I think I may have found the image too simple and would have grown tired of it quickly.

I've come to realise some of my favourite images balance these views of people / life with a strong visual structure. Good fun trying to get it just right!

If this image is the first of mine you have seen, or you are relatively new to my work, please know I'm always keen to make new contacts and push my photography to wider horizons. If you like what you see, say hello!

If you are able to help bring my photography to a larger audience, then lets talk! I'd be glad to hear from you!

Finally, prints of this image are available, starting at affordable prices to encourage new collectors. Signed archival quality prints are strictly limited in number. Your support is very much appreciated.

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