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12 AUGUST 2020:

Row Boat in Algae

A-090. Row Boat in Algae - by Greig Clifford
Copr. Copyright © 2020 GREIG CLIFFORD.

There's a constant nagging in my mind which I find hard to ignore, possibly because I wonder whether I shouldn't be ignoring it at all... By photographing a wide range of subjects, and using a variety of compositional techniques, I often think it's possible I'm not being obvious enough in projecting a particular style that could be called my own, or sometimes that I'm even creating images that are undeniably recognisable as my own work!

Many photographers present their images in a specific way without deviating from the look or the type of subjects they photograph. It certainly helps to build recognition for their art and I feel it's very important to establish a style all of one's own, exactly the same as with painters and sculptors.

I'm confident I have my own 'thing' going on too... I like to work in black and white with a balanced tonal range, trying to create well structured images with compositional elements that lead the eye to points of interest around the frame, my images often have a slight metaphorical meaning or attempt to encourage the viewer to think and feel a little deeper... but I wonder if it's too subtle, whether I should hone my subject choices more?

Anyway, here's another untypical image. I've chosen to compose in a way that uses the lines of the boat to cut into the frame in an interesting way, to juxtapose the textures of the wood, algae and water, and lose any surrounding distractions.

I liked how the harsh sunlight really enhanced the textures in the scene. The main contrast was achieved by using a circular polarising filter on my lens, an excellent tool for managing reflections and tone. Even so, I still felt a little dodging and burning was needed here and there to create a tonally balanced image I was satisfied with.

If this image is the first of mine you have seen, or you are generally new to my work, please know I'm always keen to make new contacts and push my photography to wider horizons. If you like what you see, say hello!

If you are able to help bring my photography to a larger audience, then lets talk! I'd be glad to hear from you!

Finally, prints of this image are available, starting at affordable prices to encourage new collectors. Signed archival quality prints are strictly limited in number. Your support is very much appreciated.

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