Thank you for your interest. For those unfamiliar with my name (say as 'Greg') I am a widely published creative photographer operating primarily within the UK music industry in which I specialise mainly in studio based portraiture (location shoots too) but also live gig imagery of touring level bands and artists from the UK and across the world. There is a separate website for my music photography which you can see by visiting www.greigclifford.com.

However, when I'm not busy building my career in music photography I like to explore photographic ideas that fall outside the remit of promotional band portraiture and live event shots. I take inspiration from the classic documentary and original street photographers of yesteryear, particularly those who combined the real life documentary style with a highly artistic aesthetic, and I try to apply a similar timeless feel to my own image making.

I love to people-watch. I'm particularly drawn to creating images that hint at non-tangible elements of human nature such as emotions or themes like companionship, curiosity, determination, freedom, isolation, loss, contentment, moments of contemplation, and all manner of connections and interactions between people and the world around them.

I live in a seaside town in the South of England, a location well suited for coast, country and city life. I visit London often, and occasionally have opportunities to travel further, even abroad from time to time. So, although I sometimes make images of a more exotic nature, my photography comes usually from the more ordinary surroundings of my daily life.

As a consequence, you're unlikely to see many photos of war zones or long lost jungle tribes here. I'd like to hope, though, that my images are therefore more relatable to a wider public, and so easier to make a personal connection with... finding a place in your print collection.

I'm always looking to make new contacts... if you like what I do say hi!