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A selection of currently available images (new or from the archive) to buy as original archival quality prints, signed and strictly limited in number. Some images may also be available as open edition poster prints and for bespoke print commissions too.

Click an image for specific details but further general information, including example views of actual prints, and close-ups of the paper types can be seen here.

A-045. Spirit Gull

A-042. AllseeingA-044. Sandscream

A-041. Cause and effect

A-043. Child - 1, Parent - 0.A-038. Bubbleman at the Pavilion

A-004. If At First

A-015. Dog in Basket with Chauffeur on a PierA-014. Running Against The Wind On The Snow Covered Pebbles Under The Black Flags Of Fishing Boat SM609

A-017. Danger Sinking Mud

A-013. 9:20. Snowfall Walk on the PierA-016. Layabouts

A-031. Crowdsurfer

A-027. Child and a beach hut made of mirrorsA-026. By the shelter, by the bins, by the bus stop, by the beach

A-047. Four Windows

A-048. Cat, Nets and Corduroy Curtains in the Morning SunA-034. Flying Kites

A-005. Sunhat Floating on a Hilltop Summer Breeze

A-029. Fireworks over Worthing PierA-028. Fireworks over Land's End

A-062. Gull on a Wet Tent

About the prints.

Some images are available as poster prints - very affordable high quality prints on 130gsm weight coated paper which look great framed behind glass. They are not archival but this is reflected in the price. Any ordered directly from myself can be signed if requested.

For prints that will last a lifetime and longer, archival quality prints are available, strictly limited in number and all signed and numbered. There are three sizes... a 'standard' size and smaller 'collection' size, but also a one-off 'original' print which should be regarded as the master print, at my preferred size on my preferred paper type, with the longest archive life, of which only one will be made.

Standard size.
The 'standard' prints are printed on the same paper type as the 'original' prints, sharing the longest archive life. They are smaller than a one-off original print, and no more than three of these will be made. For those images where an 'original' print is not listed, this standard size print should be regarded as a master print.

Image of a signed print (13.5" x 9"), and also shown displayed in a frame.

Collection size.
The collection prints are more affordably priced (starting at just £10) for those building a collection of original photographs and are more numerous in their availablity... although usually no more than 10 of these signed prints will be created.

Image of a signed print (7.5" x 5"), and also shown displayed in a frame.

All archival quality prints are sold unmounted and unframed. A Certificate of Authenticity is included.

Original, Gallery, and Collection prints are professionally printed by a Hahnemuhle certified studio to exhibition standard on quality archival paper, using either a C-Type or Giclee process, which are then personally inspected, numbered and signed using pigment ink to match the longevity of the printed image.

Info about the archival papers, printing processes, and life expectancy.

The prints are made using one of two printing processes... either C-Type or Giclee depending on which paper is used for the print.

The more limited availability larger sized prints are printed using the giclee process - a sophisticated ink jet print onto acid free Hahnemuhle Photo Rag paper. These prints have an archive life (before first sign of any fading) into the hundreds of years in storage - half that if displayed.This is my preferred printing method, as the paper is heavier and has no reflective qualities, the blacks are deep and the paper base tone has a warmer look.

Close view of the paper used for Giclee prints. Close view to show the texture of the Hahnemuhle Photo Rag paper used for giclee prints.

For a more typical photographic look, the smaller 'collection size' prints are printed using the C-Type (chromogenic) process. This is akin to the traditional photographic methods in that it uses light sensitive paper which the image is projected onto, the paper is then developed and washed. The paper used is Fujifilm Crystal Archive. These prints are not thought to have so long an archive life as the giclee prints but should still last a lifetime and more before first signs of fading, if properly cared for.

Close view of the paper used for c-type prints.
Close view to show the texture of the Fujifilm Crystal Archive paper used for c-type prints.

Both print types are standard processes which can be seen in the best museums and galleries the world over. Despite the lower archive life expectancy many of the world's most expensive selling photographs at auction were chromogenic prints.