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I sometimes find it difficult to title my images in a meaningful way... and a photobook is no easier! I do like the fun of alternative meanings... in this case " I ", as a Roman numeral meaning "one" (to indicate the first book); as a sound-play on "eye" (the photographer's eye or camera lens); and also in the first person sense of " I ", because all these photos contained in the book are very personal to me and hold a little part of my character within them.

Therefore this collection of images is special to me... seventy one images that I am particularly pleased with and proud to have created. I believe they are representative of how I see my artistic style, particularly in a compositional way, and show a broad view of my photographic journey from the earliest photograph included (2004) to March 2020, just before the UK Covid-19 Pandemic lockdown. There's a few hints towards my music photography work, too. In general, though, the images are mainly aesthetic slices of life as I saw it at the time.

Most of the images are listed in the The Print Archive available to buy as signed prints, but not all. Some images are exclusive to this book only.

Greig Clifford - I - photobook with leatherette hard coverGreig Clifford - I, photobook with soft cover
Greig Clifford - I - photobook with leatherette hard coverGreig Clifford - I, photobook with soft cover

It is available in two formats... an exclusive leatherette covered hardback with photographic paper pages (limited to just three production copies) and a regular soft cover version (perfect for coffee tables the world over). Both versions are the same size (21 x 21cm), the images printed at the same size in each version, in the same order over the same number of pages too.

The books are available to purchase directly from myself. The soft cover version is priced at £12.50 plus postage and delivery costs, direct from my numonday shop... and for the leatherette hard cover version I am open to offers as these are strictly limited.

If interested, please click the relevant version above for the details.

For a list of images in the book have a look here.

A flick through video featuring the soft cover book...