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I - a photobook by Greig Clifford

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This page shows information about the soft cover version of the I photobook, now on its second printing. The first printing run, which featured a soft touch laminate cover, has sold out.

There is also a special limited availability leatherette hard cover version.

I - a photobook by Greig Clifford

The soft cover version of I is akin to the leatherette hard cover version in as many ways as possible... all images are printed at the same sizes in both versions, in the same order, over the same number of pages... 71 images in total. Both versions of the book are sized 21 x 21cm, only the paper and cover are different (as is some text on the title / copyright page).

Front cover.

The cover uses a heavyweight paper (350gsm) so is not flimsy and has a matt lamination for added protection. The inner pages are thick enough so each image can be enjoyed without being affected by the image on the reverse of the page.

I - a photobook by Greig Clifford - looking inside.

Copying the leatherette hard cover version, each image is presented the same way with minimal distraction... just a thin border with the title and year created written underneath.

I - a photobook by Greig Clifford - another look inside.

The inner pages have a slight sheen to them and are of a neutral white base tone. The print itself does not have a high shine so the overall effect is that of a smooth semi-matt finish.

Page shine and texture detail.

This book is available to purchase direct from myself - currently priced at £12.50 plus postage and delivery costs. I use numonday to host my shop for secure purchasing using a credit / debit card - no account is needed.

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For a list of images in the book have a look here.

A flick through video...