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28 MAY 2020:


A-086. Symptomatic - by Greig Clifford
Copr. Copyright © 2020 GREIG CLIFFORD.
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Stuck indoors by the recent pandemic I've been looking to make some kind of related image. Feeling a little arty I decided to process some shots I made last year of the output screen from a thermal camera... you can see me with my camera to my face, central in the frame.

This image was made with one main shot and a detail or two from a couple of others that I added to make the whole thing feel more balanced.

The original is in colour, which you can see using the arrow underneath the image above... heat is shown as red/orange/yellow but extreme temperatures show as bright white. Greens and blues show colder temperatures.

I like the black and white version because it feels less obvious and the mind needs to work harder to understand it, but I also like how the colour version dominates and demands attention... it is almost impossible to ignore.

It was a good challenge converting to black and white... the colours take on a similar grey tone so I had to play quite a bit to achieve what I consider the best separation of tones. This may be a very personal thing though, with everyone seeing slightly differently.

If this image is the first of mine you have seen, or you are generally new to my work, please know I'm always keen to make new contacts and push my photography to wider horizons. If you like what you see, say hello!

If you are able to help bring my photography to a larger audience, then lets talk! I'd be glad to hear from you!

Finally, prints of this image are available, starting at affordable prices to encourage new collectors. Signed archival quality prints are strictly limited in number. Your support is very much appreciated.

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