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Thank you for your interest. If you think my photography would be a good fit for a project you are involved with, or you would like your portrait or a particular subject photographed in my own particular way, then I would be interested to hear from you.

Please take a moment to read this page, as much of it outlines my typical working practice, and feel free to contact me in confidence with any questions you may have.

If you wish to buy a print but would prefer it printed to a specific size, or you would like to discuss a bespoke photograph for your collection, again please get in touch.
I am also open to one-on-one mentoring / consulting sessions too... provided I feel it will be of value to you. Sessions might include photowalks, advice on such things as portfolios and photobook creation, printing for exhibitions, digital image and film processing, and darkroom techniques. I have also consulted on set for studio lighting setups too. Depending on your requirements, what and how you would like to learn, sessions could be in person or held remotely, and be as many or as few as you like.

Although I am open to discuss projects of mostly any nature, especially those with a human interest documentary storytelling element, I am particularly experienced within the world of music. I have worked as a music photographer since 2010 mostly within the rock, metal, and punk genres, but with many other musical styles too.

Highlights over the years have included direct commissions for Rock Sound and Metal Hammer magazines, and seeing my photography published by Kerrang!, Rhythm, Q magazine, Rolling Stone, the BBC, and many other highly regarded music publications. I currently have 15+ album and EP artwork credits.

Here's some tearsheets and screenshots of published images.

My photography has been shown over a wide range of media, from shiny high gloss magazines to dull matt newspaper print, on broadcast televison programs, t-shirts, large scale posters, exhibition prints, projections, and countless websites viewed on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and digital screens of all levels of quality. I take pride in processing my images to look the best they can wherever they are seen.

I also place great importance in reputation and personal integrity, and qualities like diplomacy, tolerance, sensitivity and patience. Good photographs are made not only through creativity, skill and technique, but through empathy for the subject too.

It is in the spirit of trust and honesty I feel it is important for potential working partners to know I occasionally suffer from migraine headaches (with aura).

An attack can come unexpectedly and, as blindness is a symptom, it is impossible for me to work for several hours when one strikes. Obviously, as a photographer, this can be problematic, but thankfully it's a rare occurrence which has so far not affected me while in a professional capacity. It is nevertheless a risk I feel I need to be open about, and it is also why I will not accept wedding photography commissions.

I am used to working to strict budgets and deadlines. I can provide images quickly if needed but it is important this will not compromise my quality first policy. I will only release photographs I can feel proud to put my name to. It can take time to process an image capable of standing the test of time.

I only work in the medium of Black and White, using a small Leica camera and lenses suited to photographing people and the world around them in the traditional way. I do not use drones, any video, or A.I.

I am based near Brighton, UK, operating mainly in and around London and the South East, but I'm happy to travel further if the budget allows.

More information about my photography practice can be read in the About section.

About Copyright...

I will never sell my copyright in the images I make. However, with commissioned work (and once full payment has been made) a licence will be issued which allows use of all finished images, and any edited versions you may create from them, for any purpose, commercial, editorial, promotional, etc., just as you would be able to if you held the copyright yourself. The licence covers the universe, and lasts forever.

So, for legal clarity, you will hold a usage licence, and I will retain the copyright in the original image. This is mainly (but not limited to) so that I may freely exhibit or show my work, freely use my work in any publication, sell prints or posters or publish the image in some other way for financial gain, always respectfully and with sensitivity.

This policy enables you to fully profit from the images I create for you and allows me to work for a fee much lower than I would otherwise be comfortable with.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, always confidentially.