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Harry White - founder of Hammerdown Festival
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Harry White, founder of Hammerdown Festival by Greig Clifford

I'd like to introduce to you Harry White. For those who don't know him, he's the founder of Hammerdown Festival, a cool grassroots Rock and Metal festival that I have become involved with this year.

These portraits were made outside the venue that will be holding this year's event... a converted church in the seaside town of Worthing (UK), and now a dedicated music venue. For two days in August (Sat 6th, Sun 7th) this place will become a TEMPLE for Rock and Metal, and I can't wait for it!

Harry White, founder of Hammerdown Festival by Greig Clifford

I caught up with Harry between takes for a promotional video he was recording with the excellent JMD Creative. I thought it fitting to show Harry outside the 'temple'. Harry works all the hours, and has incredible drive and passion... it's motivating just to be around him. His current home is in Cardiff (almost 200 miles away) but he has links to Worthing and the South Coast, and his travelling is proof that a dedicated mind doesn't let distance become a barrier to ambition. I hope these images go someway to portraying that highly driven apect of his personality.

Ambitious people will surely relate that ambition can sometimes feel like a curse... there's always a huge variety of pressures to deal with on the way to reaching one's goals... and I've always found it interesting to see how people deal with the ups and downs that are so much a part of the music industry. Harry is a guy who (it seems to me) lives for a challenge, so approaches this intense organisational role with a natural smile. I was pleased to catch a shot of that smile, it's how those who know him are most likely to recognise him...

Harry White, founder of Hammerdown Festival by Greig Clifford

The festival itself features a fantastic line-up (check the poster below)... an inspired split of Rock and Metal bands that I think are making some of the most exciting music right now.

I've seen many of the bands previously... Seething Akira, The Five Hundred, Vektrill, and Bleed Again should be on any must-see list, but I'm particularly keen to catch those I've not seen playing live before, some I have been meaning to see for a while now... esOterica (check out their breathtaking live at Abbey Road video), Caine, Exist Immortal, Aren Drift, and THECITYISOURS (recently sold out their headline Camden Underworld gig).

There's quality throughout the whole line-up, a real treat for Worthing and the wider South Coast scene. Entry for the whole weekend is just £25! Buy a ticket!!

Connect with Hammerdown Festival... on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Hammerdown 22 poster

(Published 28/04/2022)