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A cool band from Cardiff, Wales, these guys play with a spit and snarl attitude straight out of the old school US punk / garage scene but with a timeless British indie rock musical backbone to create a sound that works in sweaty basement clubs but could easily scale up to the biggest of venues. A mix of Ramones and The Strokes doing Britpop with a lead guitarist who could solo his way into the biggest of 80's rock bands. The songs are there too... a playthrough of their Spotify page will show their considerable range, from the slower Led Zep psychadelic groove of Ecstasy, to the art rock glam of Thank God That I'm Not You, to the high tempo all out fuzzy blast of If I Tell, and plenty more besides.

Himalyas at Great Escape 2019 playing the Horizons / Gorwelion stage at Latest Music Bar.

Find out more about Himalayas from their website at

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(Published 14/05/2019)

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