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Greybeards - For The Wilder Minds
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Greybeards - For The Wilder Minds album cover

For The Wilder Minds is the second album from Swedish rockers Greybeards, following on from their well received 2015 debut, Longing To Fly. I have had it on repeat in the car and at home for the last week or so. As always, I only write about the music that feels a little more special to my ears, and if old school timeless rock is your thing this band definitely have something going on worthy of your attention. Despite being around for a while now Greybeards are still a young band, still developing their style somewhat, but there’s enough about them already to set them apart. If you feel you’ve heard everything there is to hear from the rock genre over the last 50 years, this album may surprise you. Importantly, their sound hasn’t yet become "Americanised", a path I think a lot of modern rock bands feel they should go down. Consequently, there’s a fresh feel to this band.

Once again all the Greybeards elements from the debut album are there… the natural guitar sound and easy playing style, the big melodic choruses, the fluid bass and energetic drums… but this time round the music feels more accomplished, more assured, more... well, everything really! Olle Westlund’s voice has matured fantastically well since the first album, a throaty rasp (the kind Blackie Lawless would be proud of) is liberally scattered on demand to add serious harder rock credentials to Greybeards’ already distinctive identity. The guitars work off each other wonderfully, knitting seamlessly together for cool phrases, and double up when raw power is the ultimate end game. The bass and drums are equally busy, providing constant depth and interest throughout. It all means that For The Wilder Minds has a melodic immediacy, and repeat listeners are lavishly rewarded.

So far, four tracks have had videos available (lyric or performance) starting with Cold December released way back at the end of 2016, and as typical to the original Greybeards blueprint as you’ll hear. The album’s opening two tracks, the rousing Fast Asleep and glammy One In A Billion were next and showed a little more of the band’s dynamic. Most recently the stunningly beautiful Piece Of Mind has showed the band spreading their rock opera wings (such is the diversity on show here). As good as these tracks are, I really hope there’s a plan for a performance video for the album’s third track Come Undone. To my mind it’s a Greybeards classic in the making, and possibly the most suited to the rock charts and radio playlists the world over. This surely has to be a live favourite.

Overall, with the well chosen harmonies, variety in the playing and a braver approach to the song structures, there’s a polish to the whole package which feels like the band are really settling into their own way of doing things. Their youthful spirit keeps the excitement high throughout, and their musical maturity ensures For The Wilder Minds is an energetic blast of rock greatness.

For The Wilder Minds release date: May 4th 2018 via Attitude Recordings.

Check their website for further info... https://www.greybeards.eu/

Here's some vids...

(Published 25/04/2018)