Thank you for your interest. A strictly limited number of signed prints are currently available for all images shown on this page.

All prints are sold unmounted and unframed. A Certificate of Authenticity is included with each print.

The prints are professionally printed by a Hahnemuhle certified studio to exhibition standard on archival quality paper, using either a C-Type or Giclee process (more info on this below). Prints are signed using pigment ink to best match the longevity of the image.

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If At First...Sunhat Floating on a Hilltop Summer Breeze

Gull on a Wet Tent

Info about the papers, printing processes, and life expectancy.

The prints are made using one of two printing processes... either C-Type or Giclee depending on which paper is used for the print.

The more limited availability larger sized prints are printed using the giclee process - a sophisticated ink jet print onto acid free Hahnemuhle Photo Rag paper. These prints have an archive life (before first sign of any fading) of 200 years in storage - half that if displayed.This is my preferred printing method, as the paper has no reflective qualities, the blacks are deep and the paper base tone has a warmer look.

For a more typical photographic look, the smaller 'collector size' prints are printed using the C-Type (chromegenic) process. This is akin to the traditional photographic methods in that it uses light sensitive paper which the image is projected onto, the paper is then developed and washed. The paper used is Fujifilm Crystal Archive. These prints do not have so long an archive life as the giclee prints - about half the life expectancy before the first signs of any fading.

Both print types are standard processes which can be seen in the best museums and galleries the world over. Despite the lower archive life expectancy many of the world's most expensive selling photographs at auction were chromegenic prints.